Residential Propane Gas Service 


Keeping East Tennessee Families Warm One Tank at a Time

Commercial Propane Gas Service

Phone: 865-363-8009


Delivering Quality Propane at Competitive Prices

When you need propane gas for your home or business, get in touch with TN GAS LLC. We serve residential and commercial customers in the East Tennessee area.

Depending on your needs, we can either provide you with a new tank or fill your existing one. Just email us to explain your situation and we’ll call you to discuss the pricing and set up a delivery schedule.

Propane Delivery for Forklifts

Are your forklifts running out of gas? Avoid interruptions in your operations and call us right away for a cylinder filling service. We also offer a full package that includes cages and cylinders. To learn more about our forklift cylinder program, get in touch with us!

Industrial Gases and Welding Supplies

Coming Soon!